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Our technology partners

The platforms you need to harness the power of your data

Our partnerships aren’t formed out of incentives or convenience — they’re ironclad relationships we’ve forged while helping our clients break down data silos, so they can leverage data. If you’re looking to harness the power of your organization’s data to gain a competitive edge, we’ll connect you to the right data partners to do it.

Featured Partner
We’re a Snowflake Elite Services partner with expertise in implementing Snowflake on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Using Snowflake, our experts can guide you in provisioning low-maintenance, highly responsive Snowflake data warehouses focused on security, scalability, simplicity, and impact. We can also help you scale your Snowflake data warehouse with role-based permissions, isolated workloads, and other advanced features.
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The right tools to build the modern data stack

Our partnerships help you maximize your organization’s data so you can use it to accomplish your goals.
  • Databricks
    We leverage The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform to help you bring AI to the world. With it we can help you develop generative AI applications from your data without sacrificing privacy or control, surface insights from your data using natural language, and gain efficiency by unifying your approach to data, AI, and governance.
  • dbt
    As dbt Training Partner of the Year in 2023, and a preferred consulting partner, there's no question that we're experts at building dbt models. We can translate KPIs and stakeholder requirements into robust, dbt models, and work across the full dbt development lifecycle, so you can create a central source of truth for business reporting and build 360-customer views for personalization.
  • Fivetran
    From high-growth startups to Fortune 500 companies, Fivetran delivers best-in-class technology and service. As a Fivetran Premier Partner and a North America SI Partner of the Year, we partner with Fivetran because they have a great solution backed by an amazing team that can centralize your data and transform it into business insights.
  • Contentsquare
    Contentsquare (formerly Heap)
    We use Contentsquare’s unique behavioral and contextual analytics to create a holistic 360 view of your customer experience, so you can optimize engagement, reduce friction, and improve conversion. Leveraging Contentsquare, we can surface key events over a user’s lifetime, such as where they drop off and what features they engage with, as well as the lifetime value of these interactions.
  • Hightouch
    By implementing Hightouch, we enable you to operationalize and activate your data from your data warehouse to tools like ESPs, CRMs, and other customer-facing platforms. We work directly with your stakeholders to understand Hightouch use cases and help your teams activate their data so they can use it to make critical decisions about your business.
  • Sigma logo
    As a proven Sigma partner, we can provision a cloud data warehouse, ingest key data sources, and create robust data models in Sigma. Your team can then use this data to explore, analyze, collaborate, and share insights. We also leverage Sigma’s embedded technology to seamlessly deliver analytics into your solution so you can enhance your customer experience with easy, self-service access to data.
  • Mixpanel
    Brooklyn Data is a Certified Gold Mixpanel Partner, which helps your teams leverage Mixpanel to its fullest through an analytical framework to capture the right metrics and an event tracking plan based on those metrics. We also build reports and dashboards to enable conversion rate analysis and retention modeling to drive better product decision-making and insights for your organization.

Take advantage of our amazing partnerships 

Capitalize on our partnerships with industry-leading modern data stack companies to break down your data silos and activate your data so you can channel its power to revolutionize your organization.

How we’re making the most of our partnerships

Brooklyn Data & Preql: Partnership
We're thrilled to announce that we have made our partnership with Preql, the no-code data access platform, official. 
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The Event for dbt Practitioners
Coalesce is an annual conference hosted by dbt Labs to advance the discipline of analytics engineering and the building of the modern data stack.
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Snowflake Summit 2023 Recap
Our recap of the Snowflake Summit 2023, which gathered over 12,000 data professionals ranging from practitioners, data engineers, executives, partners, and more.
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