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How we leverage Snowflake

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Snowflake is a leading cloud data platform that lets your organization build scalable data systems, including data warehouses and externally facing data applications.

As a Snowflake Elite partner, our team of Snowflake experts can lead your organization through the strategy, architecture, and development of robust data products, data warehouses, and external data applications and help you achieve data-driven results. Our experts can provision low-maintenance, highly responsive Snowflake data warehouses so dbt jobs run efficiently, and dashboards load quickly for your stakeholders. We can create role-based permissions and isolated workloads so that one user’s queries don’t impact another user’s performance. With more advanced implementations, we can also provision multi-account organizations, implement data sharing, and configure PrivateLink for secure data transfer.

Snowflake and Brooklyn Data Co. can provide you:

  • A central data warehouse for reporting and analysis
  • The backend to power externally facing embedded visualizations
  • A production data product with intermittent, high-volume workloads

Our Snowflake capabilities

As trusted Snowflake partners, our team of certified SnowPro experts will help you architect and build highly performant, scalable, and secure Snowflake solutions to maximize the value of your data quickly.
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    Automated cloud migration services
    Our team has developed trusted tools and processes to automate, streamline, and decrease your time to market as you migrate your data from legacy systems to Snowflake.
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    Data architecture & engineering
    We design and build data infrastructure with Snowflake that promotes the democratization of data within your organization. Our cloud solutions scale with your organization as your data needs and applications grow.
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    Snowflake assessments & optimization
    Let our SnowPro-certified experts review and provide detailed assessments of the performance of your Snowflake environment. We can recommend performance, security, extensibility, and ROI improvement opportunities.

Our thoughts on Snowflake

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Learn more about Snowflake

As a Snowflake Elite Partner, we can show you all the benefits Snowflake has to offer, and how we can leverage it to provide you with low-maintenance, highly responsive data warehouses focused on security, scalability, simplicity, and impact.