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We're thrilled to announce that we have made our partnership with Preql, the no-code data access platform, official. Both Brooklyn Data Co. (a Velir Company) and Preql share a vision of a data-driven world where everyone has the ability to access, analyze and leverage data to make informed decisions regardless of technical background and experience.

Brooklyn Data and Preql believe in the transformative power of data. As organizations recognize the potential locked within their data, they are able to extract meaningful insights that drive innovation. While the power of data is reshaping industries and enabling new possibilities, companies are still facing challenges to unlocking their data’s full potential for a number of reasons. Traditional data analysis tools are often siloed and shrouded in technical complexity, leaving valuable insights hidden away from those who would benefit from them the most. That's where the partnership between our two teams comes in.

Preql allows the business user to manage their own business logic with its intuitive interface and powerful analysis tools. By empowering business users to make their metrics actionable, data teams can spend less time trying to keep transformation code up to date, and more time focusing on strategic projects. Users can say goodbye to complex code and hello to clear, actionable insights. Brooklyn Data brings their deep expertise in the modern data stack to the partnership, helping clients to build lasting data capabilities. Brooklyn Data helps clients select and implement secure end-to-end solutions for data ingestion, warehousing, modeling, and business intelligence.

Our partnership isn’t just official on paper, and is driving further collaboration between our teams and our clients. We are actively joining forces to drive a data-driven future:

  • Knowledge Sharing and Co-creation: By crafting workshops, webinars, and collaborative content, we'll equip users with the knowledge and skills to harness the combined power of our platforms.
  • Seamless Customer Success: With our combined expertise, we'll provide end-to-end support to customers looking to maximize the use of their data.
  • Industry Advocacy and Thought Leadership: Together, we'll champion best practices for data democratization and governance, shaping the future of data accessibility and analysis.

This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for updates on our exciting collaborations and joint initiatives! If you want to unlock the power of your organization’s data, reach out to Brooklyn Data Co. or Preql, and one of our experts will be in touch. Together, let's make data work for everyone!

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