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How we leverage Fivetran

Fivetran ingests data from databases and software as a service (SaaS) applications into your data warehouse, enabling your analysts to glean insights from in-depth, complete datasets in a centralized location. Fivetran’s ever-growing library of high-quality connectors allows your organization to quickly set up robust data pipelines that would have once required a team of engineers.

As a Fivetran Premier Partner and a North America SI Partner of the Year in 2021 and 2022, we work with Fivetran because they have a great solution backed by an amazing team that can centralize your data and transform it into business insights. We’re experienced with all Fivetran’s features and many of Fivetran’s connectors. Using Fivetran, we can help you quickly ingest data from your most important sources and orchestrate your dbt models using Fivetran’s Transformations feature. For more advanced implementations, we build custom Fivetran connectors, connect to external logging services, and configure advanced connection options like SSH, VPN tunnels, and PrivateLink.

Fivetran and Brooklyn Data Co. can provide you:

  • A production data product with intermittent, high-volume workloads
  • Ingested CRM data to report on your sales pipeline
  • Ingested ad platform data to understand your marketing performance

Quickly centralize your most important data sources

Fivetran is the leading integration platform for the Modern Data Stack, enabling no-code connectivity to the applications powering your organization. With Fivetran you're guaranteed that your data will land in your warehouse when you need it, powering your data transformations and enabling timely decision making. With Fivetran you get:
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    An ever-growing library of high-quality, well-maintained connectors so that you can focus on what makes your business unique, not building and maintaining API integrations
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    Multiple replication methods (e.g., WAL, XMIN, Teleport sync) and connector options (e.g., PrivateLink, SSH) that adapt to your infrastructure and security stance
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    Support for enterprise data sources such as Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce that enable easy access to data stored in closed ecosystems

Our thoughts on Fivetran

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Learn more about Fivetran

As a Fivetran Premier Partner, we can show you all the benefits Fivetran has to offer, and how it can ingest data from a variety of sources so your analysts can access and analyze all your datasets from a centralized location.