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How we leverage dbt

dbt Platinum 2022 Certification Award Winner Badge

dbt is a leading data transformation tool that has quickly become the standard for data transformation, testing, and documentation for the modern data stack.

As dbt Training Partner of the Year in 2023, and a preferred consulting partner, we're experts at building dbt models for businesses of all sizes. We can translate KPIs and stakeholder requirements into robust, dbt models, and work across the full dbt development lifecycle from instrumenting data quality tests to writing documentation and orchestrating your dbt models to run in production. We especially love coaching your in-house data team on the platform and the engineering workflow. If you need a more advanced configuration of dbt we can also implement CI/CD, blue-green deployments, and pre/post-hooks.

dbt and Brooklyn Data Co. can provide you:

  • A feature store for data science/machine learning (ML)
  • A single source of truth for your business reporting
  • 360-customer views for personalized communications

Build a best-in-class Modern Data Stack with dbt

dbt centralizes modeling logic, ensuring a single source of truth for your business reporting, which allows you to work more efficiently, deliver consistent analyses, and inspire confidence in your stakeholders’ decisions. Utilizing dbt, our team of engineers can help you create:
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    A reliable SQL framework to transform your organization's data for your data warehouse and downstream applications
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    A cloud-agnostic system to design and build data models that meet your specific business reporting needs and fit your unique infrastructure
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    Version control for transformations alongside other code repositories with native support for Git, and extensive testing suites and documentation

Our thoughts on dbt

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Learn more about dbt

As dbt preferred consulting partner, we can show you all the benefits dbt has to offer, and how we can leverage it to centralize your business reporting and provide you the 360-customer view you need to power personalization.