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Industries we serve

The types of organizations we know best
Whether you’re a healthcare organization, nonprofit, private equity firm, media business, or B2B company, we’ll revolutionize how you leverage data to give you a competitive edge.

Energizing audience engagement through data-driven strategies

We streamline your data and break down your data silos to help you better understand your industry’s audiences, so you can create lasting relationships with them. 
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    Ecommerce & Retail
    Leveraging data analytics, we help you boost revenue by identifying lucrative customer segments and optimizing their acquisition costs across the purchasing journey. Our services ensure your marketing efforts are targeted and effective, maximizing profitability and customer satisfaction.
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    Healthcare & Life Sciences
    Better serve your patients by allowing us to build HIPAA-compliant data infrastructure that enables your healthcare organization’s teams to make more informed decisions with patient data and operational metrics. We also work with you to mine data and uncover valuable insights about your patients without compromising their privacy.
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    Private Equity
    We’ve empowered a variety of financial services clients with the data they need to significantly increase customer satisfaction and retention. We use data to help you better understand your customers’ needs, so you can provide personalized digital experiences that build trust by making it easier for them to manage their finances.
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    Mission-Driven Nonprofits & NGOs
    Data has the power to change the world, which is why we help nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations use data for good in their communities. Because every dollar counts for nonprofits, we help you make better decisions using data by designing data infrastructure that allows you to serve your audiences securely and ethically.
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    Media, Entertainment, & Gaming
    As a media, entertainment, or gaming company, you have audience behavior you must report to your advertisers like ad impressions, monthly active users, email opens, and content views and affinity. We help you collect it all and process it so you can provide performance data to partners and use the same data to make important decisions about your business.
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    Business to Business (B2B) Software as a Service (SaaS)
    If you’re a B2B SaaS organization you need to know if your products effectively serve business users, and if not, how to quickly pivot with features that do. Using data like marketing effectiveness, user trends, and product feature value, we can help you assess your success and quickly make the necessary changes to keep your customers loyal and satisfied.

Leverage data to stand out in your industry

From multi-billion-dollar global enterprises to the world's leading nonprofits, we help clients in many industries exploit the power of their data to stand out from their competition.

Our industry-specific insights

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Our Kit-of-Parts approach to a foundation client’s digital ecosystem established an easy-to-manage platform of sites with on-brand design and functionality.
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Four-Step User Journeys for Better Healthcare Experiences
We’ve found a reliable four-step user journey that healthcare organizations can use to connect with patients through their websites and digital experiences. 
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Master your data to make better business decisions.

Collaborate with our team to implement the processes, tools, and personnel that will change your perceptions about what’s possible with data.