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Our Hiring, Training, and Enablement services help your organization build a foundation for success by teaching you the self-sufficiency to expand and evolve your data practice. We offer the processes and oversight you need to scale your data staff and services effectively.

Laying a foundation for your organization’s expansion

We can help you build data teams, mentor existing staff members, and even act as partial or full members of your existing teams. 
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    Hire a diverse, highly-skilled data team
    As experts in building data teams ourselves, we can assist your organization in building a diverse staff that leverages a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to fulfill your organization’s data needs.
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    Give your employees the gift of mentorship
    We can mentor your team to help them learn new skills, resolve issues that are stumping them, and give them advice on how to grow their careers. This will lead to higher employee satisfaction and help your team members expand their careers while staying in-house.
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    Access advice on who you should hire
    Not sure who to hire to support your organization’s latest data initiative, or what roles you might need to get a data practice off the ground? Leave that to us. We provide advice on what roles you should staff to accomplish your business goals for data processes and platforms.
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    Navigate transition effectively
    Is your organization’s data practice at the precipice of transition, but unsure how to navigate it? We’ve got you covered. We can guide and support your team safely and confidently through major changes to ensure your team ends up stronger than ever.  
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    Gain a data team on-demand
    If you’re an early-stage company that doesn’t have the staff to accomplish its data plans yet, we won’t let staffing hold you up. From leadership to engineering and analytics, we can serve all your data needs by acting as your on-demand data team. 
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    Fill the gaps in your data staffing
    Don’t let gaps in your data staffing prevent you from taking on the next big data project. We can fill in gaps on your team, advise your leadership, and own specific data initiatives entirely if you’re an established organization that needs help getting things off the ground. 

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Get help hiring, training, and mentoring your data teams.

Fulfill your data initiatives by partnering with us to form a brand-new data team for your organization or expand your existing one with our hiring consultation, skilled mentorship, and targeted staff augmentation.