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Brooklyn Data Co. (a Velir company), a leading data consultancy firm with extensive marketing analytics experience, celebrates this month a successful two-year partnership with ZEISS, a global technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics, focusing particularly on their marketing campaigns for SMILE laser eye surgery.

Over the last two years, Brooklyn Data and ZEISS have worked collaboratively on data-driven marketing strategies that have redefined how potential patients perceive and interact with the SMILE laser eye surgery offering. Utilizing cutting-edge data analytics and modern data technologies such as Snowflake, dbt and Fivetran, the partnership has led to a robust uptick in potential patient engagement and conversion rates.

"We’re thrilled to mark the second anniversary of our partnership with ZEISS and the rewarding journey we’ve been on to leverage our data analytics expertise to support ZEISS’ vision in transforming eye care. By building powerful and flexible data infrastructure and processes, and by performing in-depth strategic data analyses, we've helped our partners at ZEISS to not only raise awareness but significantly increase patient interest in SMILE laser eye surgery."
Scott Breitenother CEO, Brooklyn Data Co.

Partnering with ZEISS' internal teams, Brooklyn Data built data and analytics infrastructure capable of live, in-depth reporting of campaigns and end-to-end customer journeys. Now, ZEISS and their market agency partners have visibility into real time marketing performance, enabling them to iterate marketing strategies in days, not months. As ZEISS is a global leader in laser vision correction, the marketing analytics platform was built with scale in mind – ZEISS can quickly integrate and report on new regions, marketing agency partners, and ad platforms.

"Working and partnering with Brooklyn Data has been a transformative experience. Through their state-of-the-art data work, we have found new avenues to reach potential patients and make a meaningful difference in their lives through SMILE laser eye surgery."
Gerhard von Campenhausen Head of Digital Patient Interaction Services, ZEISS

The data platform is flexible enough to quickly track not only campaign outcomes, but also website performance, and brand awareness, in order to provide ZEISS a complete view of the impact of their initiatives and inform learnings for future campaigns. The infrastructure enables expert data analysis that, combined with the marketing expertise of agencies and the domain knowledge of ZEISS product managers, maximize the learnings from campaigns and facilitates optimizations. This collaborative approach improves consumer interaction and spend efficiency.

ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. Headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany, ZEISS has been contributing to technological progress for more than 170 years, enhancing the quality of life in many areas like medicine, lifestyle, and industrial research and manufacturing. Learn more at:

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